February 2019

Chic, clean and classic. Funny how this photo of Carolyn Murphy epitomizes everything I want the Townhouse interiors to be. She is inspiring the neutral palette throughout: crisp white walls against pale white oak hardwood floors, punctuated by hits of black steel and grey and white marbles.

People have been asking me if these are ‘luxury’ townhouses and to be honest, that word makes me cringe a bit. It conjures up images of slick, pretentious, bling-y interiors. Yes, these will be luxurious, but a more subtle, refined luxury. First and foremost, true luxury is about well thought out spaces. Spaces that can accommodate an eight foot sofa and real armchairs. Space in the foyer for a coat closet and a proper console/bench to greet your guests graciously. Space in the dining room to host Thanksgiving dinner. A charming powder room, tucked discreetly away from the public space.

If you are the type of person who appreciates the earnest quality of a subway tile and the way marble gains a beautiful patina over time, this is the right home for you. If you are sensitive to window proportion and placement and crave light-filled rooms, this is the place for you. If your idea of luxury is park views through beautiful casement windows at the front and downtown views from your rooftop deck at the back, then you are definitely at the right place.

But the heart and soul of a home will always be the kitchen. ‘What will the kitchens look like?!’ is something I get asked a lot, understandably. My absolute favourite thing to design are kitchens and I am super excited about these! The kitchens in the Maisonettes have a NY West Village traditional feel, while the Moderne kitchens have the vibe of an artist’s atelier. Fill out the registration form above and you will be among the first to see the kitchens and everything else before these hit the market. You will also be alerted to the Townhouse tours I will be doing for serious buyers, as we get into the millwork stage. Stay tune!