January 2019

One of the first decisions I made about this project was that it was going to have a brick exterior because nothing beats the timeless and enduring appeal of brick. In our hectic world, we have come to appreciate and crave the warmth and soul that can only come from a material laid by human hands. Our brickwork was lovingly laid by Jackson Masonry in the painstaking tradition of Journeyman bricklayers passing on their craftsmanship to their apprentices. Lynsey Jackson has been laying brick since he was eleven years old under the tutelage of his father, the elder mason. He laughs now about how child labour laws would probably frown upon it, but as a result the man sure knows his stuff and it only made sense for him to start his own company back in 2006. He is incredibly proud of his hand selected crew of gentlemen bricklayers headed by Jordan Kuntz. The pride they take in their work is evident. I mean, just look at that beautiful deep windowsill and those handcut limestone headers! I have worked with Jackson Masonry for many years and am so thrilled to have their expertise on this project.